A complete system of medical treatment that makes use of substances normally found in nature, which are prepared into remedies by a process of serial dilution. Founded around 1800 by Samuel Hahnemann a German physician, homeopathy was derived from an ancient idea first described in Hippocrates time (c.400B.C.) that “like cures like.”  This credo, known widely among homeopaths in its Latin form – similia similibus curentur” is perhaps the fundamental principle of homeopathy, and forms the basis of all the therapeutic interventions.


I usually use psychotherapy in conjunction with one or more other treatment modalities, as part of an integrated approach to health care. My approach to
psychotherapy is eclectic, but draws heavily on psychodynamic models.

My Hours

I see patients Monday – Friday from 8:15AM to 5:15PM. Certain hours may be unavailable any given week either for lunch, breaks or other commitments. Meetings by appointment only.

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