What type of practice do I have?


Although I am trained in Adult and Child Psychiatry, and Board Certified since 1991, my practice is best described by the term “Integrated Medicine.” Integrated Medicine is a style of practice that incorporates treatment modalities from a variety of cultural and historical traditions. The purpose of Integrated Medicine is to maximize success rates in treatment and minimize risks of dangerous side effects — “iatrogenic” effects of medical care. Integrated medicine, as  I practice it, emphasis a holistic approach to treatment — i.e., one where mind and body are treated together, rather than as separate unrelated entitites. In my practice I use homeopathy, Bowenwork, Psychotherapy, Nutrition and some Functional Medicine in addition to conventional medical care. I aim to minimize or avoid the use of pharmaceutical treatments whenever possible, and although I can help people manage their medications, I generally do not do this unless it is in the context of an Integrated approach to care. Although some people come to me for ongoing medical treatment, many come only for time-limited consultations. It is up to you to choose.


What type of problems do I treat?


In addition to the full spectrum of disorders treated by psychiatrists, I treat most health problems that are commonly seen in a primary care physicians office that are considered to be primarily of a physical nature. Most chronic physical illnesses such as headaches, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema acute physical problems such as urinary tract infections, sinusitis, influenza, the common cold, and various pain syndromes are treatable with homeopathy. Although I have not completed a residency in primary care, I completed a four year program in homeopathic medicine, which focused primarily on primary care treatments. In addition, as part of the integrated or holistic approach to treatment I view all illness from a mind-body perspective.


What training do you have?


  • Undergraduate Degree B.A.: 
Harvard College 1974-1979
  • Medical School:
Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons 1982-1986
  • Residency in Psychiatry: 
University of Vermont affiliated hospitals 1986-1989
  • Fellowship in Child Psychiatry: 
Brown University affiliated hospitals 1989-1991
  • Psychoanalytic Training:
Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute 1994-1997
  • Homeopathic Training:
Hahnemann School of Homeopathy 2000-2004
  • Bowenwork Training:
Bowenwork Academy of the USA 2010-2011


What types of people fit best into my practice?


  1. People who have not found success with one or more other types of treatment.
  2. People who have not been able to tolerate medications and are looking for treatments that are gentler and less likely to cause side effects.
  3. People who would prefer to avoid, reduce or come off of medications (this can not always be accomplished).
  4. People who would prefer to avoid surgery (this can not always be avoided)
  5. People who have had only partial or limited success with conventional or other treatments, and wish to improve further.
  6. People with a holistic perspective on health care, who understand health as a unified mind/body process.
  7. People who are concerned about the effects of drugs on their children, or who would simply prefer to find non-medication solutions to their children’s health problems.


Do you accept health insurance?


I accept many, but not all of the major health insurers. My affiliations may change in time, and so may your policy, so please check with your insurance company to see whether you are covered prior to coming in to see me. If you think you are covered but are not, you may end up having to foot the bill yourself. In addition, you should know your copayments and deductibles, and exclusions to coverage, if any. Insurance companies do not routinely provide me with a list of who is covered, and the nature of each plan, so it is safest to get this information about your policy yourself. If you do not have health insurance, I offer reduced rates for those who have financial hardships. Please ask me about these if this applies to you. My standard rates may vary, but as of March, 2012, they are $250 for a new evaluation, $150 for a standard follow-up of up to 45 minutes and $100 for a short follow-up of up to 30 minutes.


What are your hours?


I see patients Monday – Friday from around 8:15AM to 5:15PM. Certain hours may be unavailable any given week either for lunch, breaks or other commitments. Meetings by appointment only.. For acute problems, I can see you within 24 hours in most cases. Exceptions to this would be weekends and holidays. If you believe your problem cannot wait this long, I recommend you go to an emergency room, or call 911. For individuals whose health problems require 24 hour immediate availability of their practitioner, I recommend they do not come to my practice, but instead seek their treatment from an agency or practitioner who offers this type of service.