The gadfly of modern homeopathy is the self-appointed pseudoscientist known as the “quackbuster.” The “Amazing Randi” is one of the foremost of these, and he and his acolytes, who have created the “James Randi Educational Foundation” welcome your contributions, which are prominently solicited on his website. The “Educational Foundation” as it is ironically named purports to expose pseudoscience, medical charlatans, and the like, and they have a particular penchant for directing their efforts at homeopathy. Like most of the quackbusting groups that attack homeopathy, they do not object to homeopathy based on scientific or empirical grounds, but only on theoretical grounds. Homeopathy is criticized because it doesn’t “make sense” to the quackbusters. The real issue is that their failure to understand is the basis of their objection. They ignore the readily available reams of scientific evidence, both from research and clinical experience, and instead rely on their own intuition about what is true and false.

Making claims about what is true and false based on what seems obvious and ostensibly true without deeper inquiry is the stuff of magicians, scaremongers and was a favorite tactic of the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. This sort of anti-intellectualism masquerading as truth is as dangerous as it is insidious. It’s complete contempt for scientific evidence is disguised shamelessly as a love for the truth. These false critics prove only that it takes one to know one, that they are the true charlatans They confuse intellectual honesty with narrow-mindedness. The truth is that the Amazing Randi never has stopped being a magician. He just can’t seem to get away from his true calling: dissembling and trying to make people believe things that lack all scientific merit.